Michael’s Testimony

A young man named Michael prayed to surrender his life to Jesus this semester.  Here is his brief testimony:

“My life was empty before I found Christ.

I would go to work and come home and play video games.

There was always something missing.  There was always this empty feeling, like I was alone and no one understood me.

I was raised as a Christian but never really believed.  I decided to go to church on my own (at age 23) and not because my family was making me go.  I chose to go to New Covenant Christian Church, having been invited by a coworker named Jeffrey.

At New Covenant Christian Church, the Lord spoke to me; He said I needed to change and get my life right and follow Him.  On February 27, 2012, I made that decision at church to give my life to Jesus and to follow Him!

Since then, I have been going to work, enjoying it because I’m not alone anymore.  I have been listening to what God is telling me, that I need to change and giving my all to do so!”

It has been a real joy seeing Michael grow in the Lord, having recently joined the church.

His new life in Christ has been exciting to watch; seeing him get knit into life-giving relationships with other fellow believers has really strengthened him and has been an encouragement to many of us!