Isaiah’s Testimony

I met Andrew (a campus minister) walking to Lapo, the school cafeteria, for lunch.  I went through a survey about God with him and set up a time to meet me for a weekly Bible study.  Being raised in a Christian house and going to church I knew a lot about the Bible, but prior to college I made a decision to run away from God.  I only wanted God to be part of my certain areas of my life (mostly to please both my parents) and this became evident the more we met and talked about the Bible. I talked with my parents often, and of course told them I was in a Bible study whenever they asked if I found a good church.  Finally one afternoon Andrew challenged me on how I was only pretending to follow God in order to please my parents.  He shared with me the verse Matthew 5:37 “But let your statement be, ‘Yes, yes’ or ‘No, no’“, which made me sit down and think about my life in my dorm room.  About two hours later I decided to surrender all of my life to God, everything not just the part I wanted, and to follow Him. That day I gave my life to Jesus and since then I have never been happier about that decision and all the changes it has made, and is still making, in my life.