Gladys’ Testimony

Growing up I attended a Catholic church and believed that everything I was doing was all for God. I got baptized when I was a baby; I did my first Holy Communion, and I did my confirmation. After my confirmation I went to church every Sunday and felt good every time I would go. I thought I knew what mass was about every time I would walk out of church, but in reality I never knew what the actual message of God’s word was. I would leave without actually taking anything from the service. I still lived my life the way I wanted for myself; to fulfill my wants and needs and not God’s. I felt as if I knew who God was but I didn’t really know Him personally.

I couldn’t go on living my life the way I was. I was tired of feeling nothing but sadness in my heart. One day I prayed to God to help me overcome my past and to strengthen my faith because it was something that I had been dealing with for years. A few days later I met April, a campus minister from the New Covenant Christian Church. She asked me questions about God that I never thought to think about; questions that helped me see that Jesus was the key I was looking for. God answered my prayer by putting the right people in my path.

April had offered to study the Bible with me and to attend church with her that following Sunday. I didn’t have to think about it for a split second to accept her offer. After attending church and a Bible study, my eyes and heart opened to God. I was then able to truly understand Gods word and apply it to my life. The Bible helped me see the parts of my life that were not right. Even though I was never considered a “bad person” according to society, I had many things inside of me that were just not right. I constantly felt guilty and was never really able to enjoy the happy moments with the people I love.

It was November 23rd that I made the decision to surrender my life to Jesus Christ. The moment I decided to let everything from my past go and to live for God, my life changed! I got baptized in water two weeks later. After getting baptized I was no longer the same person I was before. I was able to see and understand for myself what it meant to live a life with happiness, joy, and peace; with no guilt. I began to live for God and not for myself and other people. Being able to repent for the sins of my past helped me to move on and not dwell on them any longer. I now personally know God and have put my complete faith in my life with Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.