Michael’s Testimony

Growing up in Texas, my family always went to church. My Father was the worship leader and the strong one in the family. I grew up rebellious, in trouble, fighting, and having no regard for others or their feelings. I spent my whole life doing what I wanted to do at the expense of others. I thought, “This is how life will be, all about me and what I will do.” Our family was struggling in many ways and I eventually got kicked out of high school the same year my parents divorced, yet I didn’t even care. I always said, “It’s not that bad, it’s not even my fault.” I was so caught up in me, myself, and everything I needed to make myself happy, I didn’t see that I was just making everyone unhappy around me. After I graduated from high school, I knew I needed to get out of town but I wasn’t sure where to go. My aunt and uncle lived in Albuquerque and they said I could live with them if I went to UNM. Shortly after having a run-in with the law, I made a decision to actually move to Albuquerque. In March 2015 I called my uncle and told him I was moving out. The day I left, my older sister prayed to God that I would find Him, that I would develop a relationship with Him, and live for Him. My sister spoke those words into existence that day.  The second week here a church group from NAU surveyed me on campus and I ended up getting into contact with Adrian from New Covenant Christian Church. Shortly after our first bible study, I gave my life to the Lord. Around this same time, God began to move mightily in healing and repairing my family. To this day we are closer and stronger than ever before. I found that without Jesus, nothing satisfies me and nothing will make me truly joyous from the inside. His church showed me, through the way they live their lives, practical and effective Christian living, in close communion with our creator. I have been given a new life, and am a new creation now.

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  1. Awesome Michael!
    We are so proud of you and love you very much.
    You have such an amazing future ahead of you!
    Love your momma😊

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