Monty’s Testimony

My sister invited me to go to New Covenant Christian Church. I was scared to go at first because I felt like I was the biggest sinner and that people there might judge me. I came from a rough past of broken relationships and sin. Feeling very alone a lot of the time and I was searching for something to help. At church, I heard the sermon of “when you’re stuck in a rut” and what steps to do to get out. I came to the conclusion that I wanted to repent and start living for God but I wasn’t sure how to change. After church that day I broke down crying in the parking lot with my sister and I prayed to surrender my life to Jesus.  At that very moment, I felt different. I felt like I had this amazing strength. My hands and my jaw felt numb. It was as if I had been carrying heavy chains my whole life and they had finally been broken. God had given me the strength I needed to stop sinning and start living my life the way He wanted me to. I walked away from all of my sin and I even explained to some of my old friends how I repented, wanted to go to heaven and that God is the only person who could offer me salvation. God had truly helped me to change. I have been seeking the word of God ever since and I recently got baptized! Every day I know more and more that God is very powerful and full of so much love. I know now He will always be with me and He will never forsake me. He is the love that I have been looking for all this time.