Thomas’ Testimony

All throughout my high school career and into my first year at UNM I thought I had my life figured out. I had always told myself to only do what made me happy and do what I thought was right, which often times led to frustration. My first semester at UNM I was stopped several times by campus ministers who were asking people what they believed about God. I always told them that I would be interested in meeting up for a Bible study, but whenever they would call me I would ignore them.

During my second semester a guy that I went to high school with passed away, and I started getting really confused about what happens after we die. A little while after this my friend and I, who was already a member of New Covenant Christian Church, were listening to an open-air preacher on campus. I started asking my friend questions about what the preacher was saying; he then asked me if I wanted to learn more about the Bible and I said yes. Later that week I met up with Andrew, a campus minister with New Covenant Christian Church, for a Bible study. He shared his testimony with me about all that God has done in his life and I was amazed by it because I could relate parts of my life with his. He invited me to church and during one of the sermons Jim, the pastor, gave the analogy “if you are sitting in a classroom taking a test and the teacher says, ‘if you want the answers to your test just come up and ask me for them.’ You wouldn’t try to sit there and take the test by yourself would you?” he then went on to say, “that’s how God is with our lives and all we have to do is ask Him for help.” This completely amazed me and I knew that this is what I needed to do. At the end of the sermon Jim asked those who wanted to give their life to God to pray a silent prayer while he prayed one out loud so I did and that’s when I gave my life to Jesus!

Since that sermon, God has opened my eyes and completely changed the way I think about life and how there is no real joy outside of life with Him.